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Training Session: Dylan & Laura 10/26/2023

In this video Laura & Dylan are training online together focusing on core strength, stability, & reactive strength.

For the core strength exercise they are working on an overhead oblique drill (Saxon Side Bend) which adds a unique challenge to core stability. It functionally strengthens the entire core while adding emphasis to the obliques in a way that carries over to almost all sports. The leverage disadvantage of this drill allows you to use lighter weights and still attain great intensity. The use of lighter resistance makes it a fantastic low impact drill for the spine and really reduces the risk of injury.

The next drill is focused on developing stability. Dylan is performing a single leg hinge with hip & shoulder extension on the opposite side. This adds a dynamic component to the stability drill and engages the shoulder girdle making it a full body stability movement.

Laura is doing a modified version this drill reducing ROM in the hinge & shoulder to provide a manageable level of intensity during her third trimester of pregnancy.

For reactive strength both Dylan & Laura are performing swings. I choose swings as their reactive drill because of their ability train full body power production while being very low impact on the knees and hips. Since you can maintain the same stance throughout this drill you greatly reduce impact on the body making them a great choice to promote longevity on peoples knees/hips. The swings also give similar benefits to performance as other higher impact plyometric drills. And the intensity of the swing can be easily modified by simply going up or down in weight.

This is just a few clips from our full training session this past week. Training from home can be effective and fun with the right instruction & a few simple pieces of equipment.

If you are interested in learning how to perform functional, low impact workouts from home definitely reach out to me and lets get your routine started!

Sergio Carrillo, NASM- CPT


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