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Personal Training for those over 50

Agility training is defined as the ability to change direction with short bursts of movement at varying speeds or cadence. When you view athletes like football players performing footwork drills this type of training can seem intimidating at first. However, agility training can be trained like any other physical quality; and exercise variations exist to accommodate people with differing levels of athleticism.

For example in the pictures below Lisa & Tom are working on developing Speed/Agility/Coordination through boxing drills at an intermediate level, while Linda is working on Agility/Coordination through hurdle training at what could be called a beginner level. Both are very beneficial for developing the ability to maintain control of your body as you move, but one is much lower impact and has less of a learning curve.

Choosing lower impact agility drills like this a great option for those who cannot take higher levels of impact on the body, but still want to enhance this physical quality.

Agility training has been proven effective in reducing the risk of falls for those who regularly train according to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health.

Message me if you have any questions on how to enhance your strength, agility, or move with more coordination.

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