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Lower your risk of disease and improve your overall health with one strength movement:

Grip strength has been shown as a primary indicator of overall health and risk of disease in the body. Decline in grip strength increased the risk of heart attack by 17%. One study suggests that, for each 11-pound decrease in grip strength, there is a 16 percent higher risk of death from any cause. This is why scientists refer to grip strength as a biomarker for the body.

Grip strength, a measure of body function, has been suggested as a biomarker of aging. By simply training the muscles of your forearm & hand you can reduce your risk of any disease by 16% and increase your full body strength through neurological stimulation. (

Here are a few exercises you can do to strengthen your grip anywhere:

Exercise 1- Dumbbell Crush Grip

Exercise 2- Dumbbell Pronation & Supination

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In Health,

Sergio Carrillo, NASM-CPT

(206) 395-8479

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