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Shoulder mobility drill you can do at home..

Here Mary Kay is working shoulder circles facing the wall. The wall provides stability for the shoulder and pushing into the wall with the back of your hand will isometrically activate the rear deltoid which is great for those who have tight front delts. Supinating the hand at the top also keeps the chest musculature shortened to prevent overstretching. The 1lb weight aids in activating the shoulder muscles, it also provides a little challenge and forces her to display strength as she is going through the movement. The goal here is increase the rom of your circles and activate your upper back musculature as you reach and lengthen your arm overhead in line with your spine. This drill is good for those who have tight front deltoids and chest muscles; as well as those who need to strengthen the mid, lower trapezius and the rhomboids. You can use any type of light weight for this drill such as a light dumbbell or even a can of soup.

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