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There are many different ways to get fit and stay fit. Take a look below at the different ways we can help achieve your fitness goals.



Build Strength & Relieve Stress with our 45 minute ‘Kettlebell Strength-Endurance’ Class! 

Kettlebells have been proven one of the most effective forms of physical training you can do.

According to a study conducted by ACE in 2012 kettlebells are the most effective form of training for weight loss second only to downhill skiing. So if you want a more convenient way of keeping your heart healthy & boosting metabolism without having to hit the slopes every couple of days then we have you covered!

“When most people think of resistance training, they don’t think of being able to increase the aerobic capacity,” says Dr. John Porcari, head of the University’s Department of Exercise and Sport Science. “Yet, we saw a 13.8 percent increase in aerobic capacity.” 

The most dramatic increase in strength came in abdominal core strength, which was boosted by 70 percent. Meanwhile, dynamic balance (in the posterolateral direction) showed a significant improvement.

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Come learn how to safely perform effective strength training that works.

To schedule a workout and see if this is a good fit for you contact: 

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