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Simple habit for a more limber body..

Simple habit for a more limber body..

What is a lifestyle change? To change your lifestyle means to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones, and to do so consistently. A lifestyle change redefines who you are. So how do I change my lifestyle? To get the level of health that you want simply determine your unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. Here are the most prevalent unhealthy habits. Example: The habit of sitting for prolonged periods without movement. Sitting for long periods without movement is very detrimental to your postural muscles. They end shortening and wanting to stay in that shortened position making it difficult to lengthen them after years of repeating this pattern. Prevent this by adding in movement to your work routine. every 30 minutes give yourself a 3-5 minute break of movement. You can do a stretch, a strength move etc.. The key here is movement with the aim to promote good posture and/or bloodflow.

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Sergio Carrillo, NASM-CPT

(206) 395-8479

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